Olive Oil


Full of the spirit of Provence, they store your virgin oils away from light and can accommodate the chilli or herbs of your scented oils.

The pourer offers the millimeter dosages needed in the kitchen. Available in three sizes: the “gout” cruet for an elegant salad service, the tapered cruet that is practical at the table as well as in the kitchen with its excellent handling, and the monk oiler, suitable for big oil lovers. olive with its capacity of 0.7 liter. The monk’s oil, of Provencal origin, owes its nickname to an old use: filled with hot water, it served hot water bottle to warm the young ladies. Like most objects of popular tradition, this bottle was used to transport and store a little all liquids.



The 10cm oiler is the “drop” of olive oil
The 17cm oiler is the “conical”
The 23cm oiler is the “monk”

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Weight 0.415 kg

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