Tourne omelette décoré au clou


Those who like the omelet cooked on both faces will like this utensil stemming from Provençal culinary traditions. Put the dish(flat) as a lid on your omelet … Hold quite both hands … Turn(return) … And put back(hand) warming in the frying pan! Essential to make a success of your stocked omelets or of your Crespeou, of Provençal recipe(takings) of cake of omelets in vegetables and in herbs. Available in two sizes and in six decorations(sets) on the nail of Barbotine, this craft(home-made) and original object will present to table successfully your omelets, tarts, pizzas, cakes …



The decoration(set) is realized in the nail with side extension of colored varnishs. Exist in two sizes: 28cm and 32 cms.

Choose your decoration(set) in the nail, Anemone, Hare, Carnation(Eyelet), Bird, Fish or the tulip:

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Weight 2.125 kg


Nail decoration

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